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"It's like if some dudes with rock and roll backgrounds got together with a specific plan to supply prairie people with a brand new style of country music that is real and rough around the edges...
- The actual truth.

About us

Tumbleweeds is not for the faint of heart. In fact, if ingested incorrectly by the wrong type of over sensitive politically correct country music fan, a single dose of Tumbleweeds could turn that person into a beer spilling, boot stomping party animal, much to their own chagrin. Trust us, It's happened before.


These guys play a unique style of country music that seems new, but holds many characteristics of rock close to it’s dip chewing heart...That doesn’t make sense but it sounds super bad ass, so let's keep it in there. The tunes are upbeat, the hooks are catchy as hell, and the strong demonstration of musicianship within them is what sets these songs apart from others in the genre...Yeah, the musicianship. And the Shitty attitude. Just Kidding. Kind of.


If you like classic country music themes mixed with that feeling you get after the third or fourth beer that kinda makes you want to start some trouble, you’re on the right track. If you also enjoy heavy tones mixed with something you can belt out with your friends at a pit party or at the cabin...Well, then it’s simple.


Tumbleweeds is for you.  


...If none of those things seem to interest you, Tumbleweeds is still for you.


Tumbleweeds will be whatever you need them to be.

Adam Ennis - Vocals/Acoustic

Byron Chambers - Bass

Evan Chambers - Lead Guitar/Vocals

Eric Mazden - Drums

Roberto Giannini - Live Rhythm Guitar/Vocals

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